Director: KROZM (Aust)

Video: Miami Horror "Holidays"

Krozm is directing duo Chris Hill and Lachlan Dickie.
The Krozm collective emerged from the summer of 2005 when Chris and Lachlan whilst still under the wing of a fine arts degree, teamed up to create their first music videos. 
Since these early beginnings they have worked collaboratively together to establish a creative principle that is now casually known as 'The Krozm'.

Q. What inspired you on your idea for the video?
The ideal American road trip
Cheesy paperbook romance novels... eg ‘Love French Style’ by Victor Rossi
Matt Groening
Naked Lunch


Q. How were you approached for the job?

Glenn Dickie from EMI emailed us, (in regard to the video and also to exchange family tree notes with Lachlan) however we had also previously talked to Ben Plant from Miami Horror about the possibilities of working together in the future.
Q. What was the budget?

I’m not sure we can divulge that information. Lets just say it was a small budget.

Q. What were the limitations you faced with the production?

The usual limitations = Time and Money.
In order to shoot with the band in the US we had to catch them within a limited 3 day window in LA. The only problem with this was that the window opened about 4 days after we got the job. So Lachlan and I scrambled to book flights so we could get to LA for a modicum of a weekend of pre-production before shooting.
The Budget was tight but we knew we could depend on a few friends helping us out just for the fun of it. Everything worked out great in the end.

Q. Who were your key collaborators?

Cinematographer - Aaron Platt. Aaron is basically a daredevil with the camera and can do crazy things with a camera in one hand that normal people wouldn’t do with both hands free. We also slept on a couple of Aaron's couches for most of our stay.
Co-Producer - Michelle Watson
SFX makeup - Greg McDougall and Heather Galipo
Actors - Fernanda Romero, Michael Frascino - These guys were great together and Michael was an extremely good sport. He wore that prosthetic for two days without being able to take it off except to sleep.

Q. Did you cast this yourself, or were the actors presented to you?
We had a casting day but our DOP Aaron had also recommended his friends Fernanda and Michael. In the end the fact that Fernanda and Michael were good friends and were completely comfortable with each other made shooting a lot easier. In the end it kind of became like a group of friends on a real road trip who just happened to be making a video.
Q. Did you know your DOP previously?
Yes, we'd previously shot two projects with Aaron. The first being our Jet video. We became blood brothers after that.
Q. What was the process you took for producing the video?
Land at LAX > make a lot of phonecalls and trawl google maps for a hot locations route > casting > offer friends of friends and random people on the net a wad of cash to borrow their convertible > pickup camera gear and finalise the look of the prosthetics > drive up the Californian coastline for 2 days with Aaron hanging out of a 4wd with camera in hand > Pretend we were tourists taking photos and act like Michael’s prosthetics were real > In n’ Out burgers (Animal Style) > fly home to Melbourne > edit > colour grade and deliver
Basically it was a form of extremist guerrilla film-making and we kind of approached the direction of the shoot like we were making a documentary about real characters.

Q. What did you shoot on? What lenses did you use?
Shot on the 5D which allowed us to steal a great number of shots as people thought we were just taking photos. For lenses we used a set of Zeiss ZE Primes and a bunch of Cannon L-series.
Q. What was the turnaround?

About 4 weeks from the start of pre-production to color graded delivery.

Q. Did you edit this on the road?
No, we didn't touch the edit until we were back in Australia.
Q. Do you feel that the client understands the production process and or appreciates the work involved?

Yes both Miami Horror and Glenn from EMI were very supportive and appreciative. The video went down very well both online and on TV so I guess that helps as well.

Q. As an act of extremist guerrilla filmmaking, where there any differences shooting in the USA compared to here. Were you hassled by authorities etc?
We weren't hassled by authorities but we only had a very small crew so nobody really took any notice of us, although we did have to explain Michael's prosthetic appendages a number of times and we did freak a few people out… which was part of the fun.
Q. If you had a chance to approach it again, what would you do differently?

Steal a 1970’s Ferrari convertible and use it as the picture car.
Ask Michael’s agent ‘Coco’ for her hand in marriage.


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