Director: Luci Schroder

Artist: Alpine
Video: Hands
Director: Luci Schroder

Q. What inspired you for your idea on the video?
A casual stroll through a lunatic asylum, no no actually, the very simple idea of making out with your hand.
This then manifested into a surreal narrative about a colony of girls, a little Lord of the Flies but from a female stand point with a good dose of Dionysiac energy.

Q. How were you approached for the job?
Through a friend who was friends of a friend of the band.

Q. What was the budget?
It was pretty small. I had to add a few hundred dollars to help get lift off.

Q. What were the limitations you faced with the production?
Pretty much time and budget covers most of the limitations.
Restrictions with locations. Getting that amount of cast together and clothing for budget.
Going for a high production look for the budget.

Q. Who were your key collaborators?
D.O.P: Katie Milwright
ART DIRECTOR: Jackson Dickie
WARDROBE: GIRLS SHOOT Stacey O'Connor/ Tom Howard
WARDROBE: Mia Veur ( Band Shoot)
MAKEUP: Samantha Coles & about 12 - 15 other MAKEUP people. It was like Willy Wonka's makeup factory.

Q. Have you worked with them before?
D.O.P . Locations scout and Makeup yes, the other guys were new relationships and super great to work.

Q. What was the process you took in producing the video?
Just accepting the chaos of the process, dealing with dead ends, when things don't work out how you plan.
Being a fast problem solver.

Q. What was the turnaround?
We actually went over, post was meant to be finished 7 days after the shoot, but it took around 3 weeks to finish, which the label and management graciously gave us. We shot an epic amount of footage.

Q. Why did post run over time?
Due to the amount of footage we shot, editing was quite arduous. I had over 16 hours worth of footage!
I had a whole entire band video also, so there were a lot of choices.

Q. What did you shoot on? What lenses did you use?
Alexa & Ultra primes => Girls shoot
7D & Canon lenses => Band Shoot

Q. Where did you shoot it?
Brighton, Melbourne.

Q. Was the house a private residence or was it a display home?
Private residence, which luckily was only partially occupied, so there was hardly any furniture to clear.
Sadly they're going to renovate that house.

Q. How long did the house shoot take?
The house we shot over a day and a half.

Q. Did you cast this yourself?
I did indeed. It was a pretty epic undertaking; I met with nearly everyone of the girls before the video. Over 50 girls.

Q. 50 girls is a huge cast, how did you manage to find so many?
Through various means, word of mouth, casting sites, a call out through online magazines, casting agents, acting/ dance schools.

Q. Was it an easy job convincing the cast on their actions and motivation?
All actions came from a place of feeling, so when speaking with the girls in these terms, we were able to find motivation.
It seemed fairly natural and organic; I made sure everyone new what we were making so if any one felt uncomfortable there was no pressure.
I felt it important that everyone genuinely wanted to be there.
Q. Did you used to practice kissing on your hand?
Yeah, definitely.

Q. Do you feel that the client understands the production process? How involved were the band throughout the process?
The band and I spoke initially via email about details of the treatment, they were super good throughout both the shoots.
They were on tour during the girls shoot, and some of their connections were in the girl’s video.

Q. If you had a chance to approach it again, what would you do differently?
I'd try having more sleep the night before the shoot. I think I had 1 hours sleep due to last minute thing and more wild life/ fauna.

Q. What's next on your schedule?
Next is a fashion film, and several short film projects, and probably some TV commercials.
Potentially some music videos. But I'd really like to get some of my shorts made.


  1. Really enjoyed reading your interview with Luci Schroder. It's great to gain an insight into the making of a super cool music video!!!
    Awesome idea for a blog page too!!!


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